What is VPS Hosting

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VPS, which is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Server, gives you more freedom than shared hosting. Although you are still sharing the server with others, you have fewer neighbors and get a dedicated portion of resources which are not accessible to anyone else. At the same time, you are responsible for the security and performance of your own virtual server.

VPS hosting can be further divided into two types – managed VPS hosting and unmanaged VPS hosting. They are the same in terms of server resources but very different in server management and cost. For the details about the differences, read this in-depth tutorial.

Server resources

Each virtual server is allotted with certain amounts of resources which can usually support the operation of a medium-sized business website or online store. The resources are dedicated to you, so even if you do not use them, they are there staying available.


It is more expensive than shared hosting but much cheaper than a dedicated server. Depending on the amount of available resources, the price may vary from $20 to $100/mo.

Server control

It performs much like a dedicated server. Since you are given root access, you can install the preferred operating system, run any software you want, and make some custom configurations on your own VPS.

Ease of use

You need to have some professional knowledge and skills about server administration especially when using an unmanaged VPS. You may have to install the operating system, control panel and anything else by yourself without any assistance.


You are allowed to install malware detection and anti-virus software to fight against malicious attacks. Besides, websites hosted on a VPS are not likely to be affected by others. However, severe DDoS attacks launched toward another virtual server on the same physical machine can also impact your server and make it inaccessible.


It is able to handle many more requests thus guarantee much better speed. A good VPS can deal with thousands of daily visits well.

Technical support

The support team is usually more professional and knows much about server management. But most unmanaged VPS hosting plans do not include technical support.

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