What is Shared Web Hosting

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Shared web hosting is done so that one computer (webserver) serves multiple domains. This means that a single server will host a multitude of websites from different clients, unlike a dedicated server where the server is rented for you only, and you don't share it with any single one, or a VPS (Virtual Private Server) where each server has not above eight diverse clients.

The initial thing is to remember that the vast majority of Cheap Web Hosting  companies offer this type of hosting by default, call it shared hosting, shared hosting, or only web hosting.

Shared Hosting might get used since a company has several Web sites and wants to save costs by hosting them on a single server. But it can also happen that the hosted sites have no relationship; For example, a small web design company will have all of its clients' pages on the same computer.

In most cases, it is usually a Hosting company, which offers cheap web hosting, so that a person who has a simple website such as a small virtual store or a Blog, among others, does not have to pay the price to have a computer (server) by itself.


There used to be two ways to offer shared Hosting, by IP (IP address) and by name (domain name):


It is also possible to make the server listen not only in one IP address, but in several, and each one responds with a different page. In this case, when contracting our Hosting, we will have to pay an extra so that they give us a unique IP address for us. In general, when contracting Hosting, it is always understood that you do not have your IP, and throughout the purchase, some companies may offer you the option of contracting your IP.

By name

Two diverse domains can share the similar IP, being on the similar server, so knowing the IP address is not enough to be able to enter the website, since the server does not know to which of the Websites the user is trying to enter, and will usually redirect the visitor to a wrong page. Nevertheless, in the event that the user distinguishes the domain, that is normal, the webserver will recognize which web page the visitor is trying to enter. This form of work is the most common.

Advantages of shared Hosting

  • You do not need to know absolutely anything about Linux or Windows, since they are managed from a control panel along with icons, and the operating system made use for happens to be transparent to the user.
  • A single computer can be used to serve many domains, instead of having several.
  • Internet connection is used more.
  • Cheap and easy to configure.

Each of these computers uses to have a succession of computer apps installed, which together propose the essential functionality; thus, tens or hundreds of shared hosting accounts use to be located on that server. Hence, lots of shared hosting accounts use to share the resources of a similar server, a similar Internet connection, etc. If you are looking for affordbale shared hosting, please read this Hostgator Review before buying!

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